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write a follow up email after a job interview

How To Write A Follow Up Email After An Interview

Getting the interview means you did a great job polishing your resume. If you left the interview grinning ear-to-ear that must mean you prepared well and aced all of the questions. You’re thinking, “Now, the waiting begins.” Meanwhile, the candidate who was interviewed before you is busy preparing a follow-up email that he plans to

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Do You Have Any Questions About The Job Position

How To Answer: Do You Have Any Questions About The Job Position?

When Human Resources pens a job post, it makes sure all the requirements for the position are clearly stated. It is part of their pre-screening procedure. This is why before writing your resume, you should always review the job post. Highlighting the relevant skills in your resume will help you get the interview. Thus, if

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why do you want to work for us

How To Answer: Why Do You Want To Work For Us?

The job interview has been going on for 20 minutes. You’ve been asked questions that focused on your background, technical skill, and situational ones to test your ability to solve problems. In your honest assessment and based on feedback from the interviewer, you’ve hurdled the toughest questions with flying colors. You can’t help but smile

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How To Write A Thank You Letter After An Interview

How To Write A Thank You Letter After An Interview

Landing that job can be very competitive. You need every advantage you can get. Many candidates think the process is over after the job interview. The ones who get hired take it one step further. While the rest are waiting on the phone, they are writing a thank you letter to the recruiter. What Is

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negotiate salary

How to negotiate your salary

There are numerous reasons why we work. Some of us do it as a passion, while others just try to make a difference in the community. What we all have in common is the necessity to sustain ourselves and our families. After all, money is what pays the bills. Everybody wants a job, but our

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How To Answer Though Interview Questions

“Could you repeat the question?” We’re all familiar with that sinking feeling. The interview was going well, you thought every answer was exactly what they wanted to hear and then came the curveball. That tough question that you didn’t prepare for and don’t have an answer to. Tricky opening questions are a common occurrence in

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tough interview questions

How to Handle the Tough Questions During a Job Interview

Job interviews are hard to come by nowadays.  The unemployment rate remains high in most developed countries.  So when you do get a job interview, it is probably safe to assume that there are a lot of others in the interviewing pool that are just as qualified if not more so on paper.  That is

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How to run the perfect sales interview

Going into sales is not for everyone.  Believe it or not, your own personality will affect the way you work in sales; and it is usually not something you can fake.  In order to be great at sales, you need to have great people skills; and people skills are not something that can be feigned. 

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