It’s Time For You To Quit If These 8 Signs Apply To You

It’s Time For You To Quit If These 8 Signs Apply To You

Sometimes, it is important to hold down a job in order to pay the bills. However, despite the financial security offered by a job, there may come a time when you feel that you need to let go. It is a time when despite of the salary you get every month, you feel the need to resign because you cannot handle it anymore.

Often it is very difficult to figure out when is the right time to say goodbye to the job you have. Here are some signs to help you figure it out:

1. Your Job Feels Like A “Job”

Your workplace should be a place where you enjoy working at .If you feel that your job is something that you “have” to do as opposed to something that you “want” to do, perhaps it is time to be on the lookout for something that excites you.

2. You Dread Going In To Work

Do you spend each morning groaning because you have to go to work? Do you dread showing up for work because you will have to look at your boss’s face? Do you spend your entire workday waiting for the clock to strike five so that you can go home? If that is the case, you might want to consider giving up your job and looking for a better opportunity.

3. Your Work-Life Balance Is Disrupted

If your work is keeping you away from your family or if your family commitments are affecting your work for extended periods of time, this is the perfect excuse to look for an alternative employment.

4. Your Work Is Affecting Your Health

If your workloads and stress levels are affecting your health, you should seriously consider if working for this company is worth it. There is nothing more than health; you can earn only when you are healthy. There is no point in working at a job that is killing you softly.

5. You Are Bored Or Stagnated

If you consistently feel that you are no longer learning or growing or being challenged, this is the perfect time to move on. Sticking around will only rust your skills and bring you no benefit in the long term.

6. Your Voice Is No Longer Getting Heard

If you feel that no one is paying attention to you or that it is taking longer to get approvals, this is a sign that your company no longer values you. You need to move on, and look for a better job where you are valued and respected.

7. You Are Continually Written Up Or Given Warnings

If you are continually on the receiving end of verbal or written warnings, this indicates that you are not good at your job. You will have a better chance of securing a new job if you leave on your own rather than get fired.

8. You Do Not Feel Aligned With The Corporate Culture

Sometimes, wild personalities may not fit in a highly regulated corporate setting or vice versa. Either you will make yourself miserable by forcing yourself to fit in, or your company will be forced to let you go. Find yourself a work where you feel comfortable and above all, feel like yourself.

Once you have realized that it is time to find a new job, consider your options. Should you wait before you get a new job or should you just quit and hope for the best? The answer to that question depends on you. Do not just jump in; think about your situation, and decide whether you can pull out a few months without a stable income.

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