11 Signs You Need To Quit Your Job

11 Signs You Need To Quit Your Job

Most people spend a significant chunk of their time at work. It’s where individuals spend majority of their waking hours and it’s an important part of daily life. And no matter what job you do, you should feel respected and have dignity in your work.

Your work should never harm your health or your overall well being. If employment begins to be a heavy burden or painful experience, perhaps consider making a move. Leaving a job can seem like an impossible and risky decision. However, it can also be a healthy choice.

It can be extremely hard to know when it’s the right decision to make. Check out the following list and review the 11 signals that could mean it’s time to consider a big change.

1. You have stress dreams about work.

If your subconscious mind is spinning about your work while you sleep, rethink your life. Do not let work takeover every minute of your day. This can throw off your balance and it does not allow a healthy amount of time away from the workplace.

2. Your health is suffering.

Stress can lead to a multitude of health issues. From depression, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, and compromised immune systems, stress wreaks havoc on the body. Don’t let this happen to you. No job is worth your health! Health is wealth, without it, you can’t perform at your top level.

3. You have ethical issues with the management or company values.

If management breaks the rules, plays favorites, or is cruel, then you have every right to want to leave the chaos. This is an unhealthy and unproductive work environment. If your current business does not share similar values with you, it’s probably not the right fit and a reason for disagreements. If the situation is extreme (a corrupt company or CEO) than staying with the company might even hurt you in the long-run.

4. You go through a significant life change.

Perhaps you have a new addition to your family, have experienced a loss, or want to move. There are an endless amount of reasons why you might need an employment change. Whether it’s a forced change or a chosen one, regularly evaluating your position is healthy. And embracing new opportunities allows you to grow as an individual.

5. Your company is not promoting employee growth.

If you’ve stopped learning, then it’s time to reevaluate. Taking online courses and finding information on your own time is like working without pay. If your company does not provide these opportunities for you, then it’s time to think about what you are doing.

6. There’s no room for advancement.

Even if management is great and you enjoy the work, perhaps you want to move up. If there is no room for you to grow or to be promoted, why stay? You should want to progress and your business should want the same. If you can’t see a new goal on the horizon, begin looking elsewhere for new success.

7. There’s a constant turnover.

If your company is regularly hiring new people, this means there is a huge turnover rate. It speaks volumes for a company when their employees are loyal. This means the work environment is encouraging, positive, and supportive. Without this type of leadership, the ship might sink and you don’t want to be onboard when it does. If you are new to a company and notice a high turnover rate, you might want to consider seeking a new employer.

8. Your personal life is suffering.


If your personal life is directly affected by your work, it’s time to re-think what you are doing. Leave your job if it begins to overflow into your personal life on a regular basis. Balance is key and without an adequate personal life, the scales will not tip in your favor. Not to mention, when you no longer have time to spend with your family or focusing on self-care, you will begin to burnout. When you burn out, your work will inevitably suffer. It’s best for everyone if you leave a job that takes up all of your time.

9. You are being scouted.

If you have recruiters trying to connect with you, do not brush them off so quickly. Even if you are content in your position, give what they have to say a chance. You can better gauge what’s happening in your industry and how much you’re worth. If you feel underappreciated, start paying attention to the people who can’t wait to bring you in. And if you don’t think the new job is worth leaving your current position, you could still use the offer as leverage to ask for a raise or get better benefits or hours.

10. You’ve lost your passion and drive.


The work is a waste of your time unless you love what you are doing. Sure, there will be bad days and frustrating moments, but if you enjoy what you do and care about the process, it’s all worth it. If you have lost your passion, then you are not where you should be.

11. It Feels Like Time to Go

Trust your gut. If you feel like its time to go, it probably is. Even if it’s scary, your body and mind will let you know if it’s time to just go for it. No matter what, if your instinct is telling you it’s time for change, it usually is.

Maybe your current job is not what you want to do with the rest of your life. Perhaps it’s a stepping-stone on your path to success. Whatever the reasons, leaving a job can be a struggle. Saying goodbye to coworkers can be hard. But remember, if your job is no longer offering you the fulfillment it once did, or worse, if it has become a burden to your happiness, it’s best to walk away.

Trust that you know when it’s time to make a move and reevaluate your work often. Give yourself credit for your talent and work ethic and appreciate yourself enough to know what’s best for you. You only get one life. Don’t waste it being miserable.

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