8 Common Mistakes Employee Make When Asking For A Promotion

It does not matter how good or uncertain the economy is, asking for a promotion at work has always been the toughest talk with the employers. You feel constantly stressed over the thought of being turned down any moment during the discussion. Needless to say, your reputation at the workplace is at stake too. But, there always comes a time when an employee must have this talk with their employer. After all, both personal and professional growth is his ultimate right!

While you are preparing to have the ‘promotion talk’ at the workplace, make sure you avoid the following mistakes and keep them out of the entire discussion:

1. Making It Look Like You Need More Salary

Of course, it is all about getting a good raise, more responsibilities and a better position in the organization but let’s just keep that to you. Your basic argument should be regarding your accomplishments and what package would be more appropriate for your performance in the company. You should also have a fair idea about the average salary standard based on the amount of responsibilities the new promotion may bring for you.

You can ask people about how much they make having the same position, or you can do some research on the internet.

2. Playing Hard Ball With The Employer

Do you think mentioning about that amazing job offer you got from another firm will make your current employer change his mind to giving you the promotion? Do you think he would quickly make you a mind blowing offer that you simply cannot refuse? Think again. There is never the need for raising your stakes too high in front of your employers. It may work out for others, but it can always get backfired as well.While you are expecting the promotion, you might as well expect getting the goodbye handshake scenario in return. On the other hand, if you stay with your company, they would consider your loyalty in future.

3. Believe You Are Entitled To Get A Promotion

And what exactly makes you think that? Yes, you have been working very hard on every task assigned to you but that is the bare minimum requirement once you get the job. Leave this task to your superiors as they are in a much better position to judge your hard work and dedication towards work.You would feel much more honored once they select you for a promotion keeping in view your good performance.

4. Talk About Your Personal Life

Leave out your personal motivations for the promotion in front of your employer or manager. You may have a loan to pay off or wish to save up for the down payment on your dream house. Maybe you want to become a parent, but these motivations are not of your employer’s interest. They are more interested in learning what you can do for them and the company rather than feeling bad for your personal problems.

5. Threatening To Leave The Job

By far the biggest mistake you can make while bringing up a promotion request with your employers. You may stand a good chance of that promotion while talking about other reasons, but such a threat would pretty much bring those chances down to zero. You must look to the future and work hard to earn that promotion instead of threatening to quit if you do not get a promotion.

6. Expecting A Promotion With Bad Performance

The worst time to ask for a promotion is when you have recently made a huge blunder at work. Make sure your performance at the workplace is perceived worthy and top-notch before you raise the topic of promotion with your superiors.

7.Demanding For Too Much, All At Once

Do not make the mistake of asking for just too many things at once. Not only asking for a promotion, new privileges, and a raise sounds a little too greedy, but it may also frustrate your boss. Work down this list to make it as concise as possible while knowing your priorities, and only then bring it up to your employer.

8. Do Not Whine Or Complain

You cannot and you must not talk about how long has it has been since you last got the raise or promotion, or how hard you have worked on that last project. Excessive complaining and whining would irritate your employer thereby diminishing your chances for the promotion.

Whenever you plan to ask for a promotion, make sure you set up one meeting in advance with your supervisor. Take some time to research about it, and gather some points that would help you make your case stronger in front of them. Research is your only friend before you plan to bring up the discussion of promotion before your managers.

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