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The benefits of creating good relationships at work

In this world where the “me-first” attitude is most prevalent and the self-made millionaire is commended, team work is rather seen as a roadblock to one’s own success. It is no longer surprising to see workers keeping secrets from one another, refusing to help others, and even undermining their coworkers just to get ahead. Little do they know that even the most successful people in the corporate world would’ve never done it without the help of their associates.

Whether it’s just a small office, a major corporation, or a nonprofit organization, fostering healthy relationships is and will always remain to be one of the keys to growth and future innovations. This article lists the benefits of creating powerful relationships at work.

Builds Trust

Trust is perhaps the very core of every type of relationship, whether it is personal or professional. It is what compels an employee to do what he says. And when he commits to doing something, his fellow workers listen and watch closely. Trust motivates employees to communicate openly among themselves for constructive criticisms and words of encouragement.

A close-knit work environment cultivates trust from top to bottom; it provides workers with a constant reassurance that others won’t even attempt personal gain at their expense. They are confident that their fellow workers will never take advantage of their vulnerabilities and will never be envious of their strengths. They are certain that they never have to watch their back when working with one another.

Increases Work Efficiency

Each member worker has his own niche. By collaborating and working with other members of the team, an employee can work on what he does best and relegate the other duties to those who specialize in it. While it might take some time for a team to find a good rhythm, a working relationship, wherein every person knows his role and fortes, can make everyday tasks more efficient, optimizing the entire process of delivering services or goods to its clients.

Reinforces Commitment to Excellence

Apart from the salary, another factor that can improve the provision of service is the great relationship that each member has with with his fellow workers. Harmonious relationships within the workplace can help improve the delivery of service since the employees are dedicated to help one another. Service is not delayed, which otherwise happens when a worker avoids or refuses to work with another. At the same time, powerful work relationships can result to employees sharing one common noble goal: to improve and maintain the company’s reputation by providing the best services possible.

Paves the Way for Innovations within the Workplace

As the saying goes, “two heads are better than one.” Innovative ideas do not come from only one person. It usually stems from the suggestions of all members within a group. This can only happen if the collective enjoys a great relationship in the workplace.

When team members enjoy good camaraderie among themselves, they can brainstorm for great ideas that can further improve the processes within the management. With each member dedicated to help each other out, a harmonious group can pave the way for innovations that can make life in the workplace better and easier.

Reduces Stress 

One of the main causes of stress is a rift between co-workers. Because of the bad blood between each other, an employee usually takes in more duties or tries to do everything by himself, because he cannot or will not share his work with his fellow worker. The stress brought about by this kind of setup can take a toll on a worker’s productivity and mental and physical health. Not only will this lead to more costs, this can also affect the workplace negatively because it will be shorthanded. As a result, the services provided will be delayed, if not halted completely.

Powerful relationships in the workplace encourage each and every worker to work hand-in-hand and carry each other’s burdens, effectively reducing stress among them and helping them enjoy optimal health.

Helps the Management Focus on the Bigger Picture

An enterprise can’t have success if its leaders are forced to spend time sorting out trivial administrative or operational issues. Building powerful work relationships helps create a formidable work group who can be responsible for handling these matters, which ultimately enables the manager to direct the overall trajectory of the group without getting lost in the details.

Boosts an Employee’s Morale

Among the culprits behind absenteeism, tardiness, or the lack of motivation to work is when a worker feels inadequate about himself or uncertain of his worth. Unfortunately, this can affect the team’s over-all performance and ability to deliver satisfactory service. When employees are working well together, their happiness and contentment toward their job are always there. They pat each other’s back when a job is very well done and build each other up when improvement is called for. They are responsible for building each other’s esteem. Good work relationships serve as a driving force for every worker to do the best he can to excel in his position. This can also reduce employee turnovers.

Builds Competency

Even though cooperation helps workers focus on their core competencies, it can also become broadly instructive. In collaborating with his fellow team members, an employee eventually gains insight into what they do, and acquires a broader understanding of the system he is a part of.

Helps You Climb up the Career Ladder

Most executives are looking for managers or supervisors who exemplify good teamwork and camaraderie. If you possess this attitude, then you will most likely be promoted. If you want to blossom in your career, you need to be a team player. After all, this attitude will come in handy once you are given the chance to manage or supervise your employees.

The success of every business is not just brought about by the hard work of the people manning it, nor how sophisticated the tools are. The harmonious relationship employees share among themselves is what ultimately propels every business to the pinnacle.

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