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write career references
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How to write the perfect references for any job position

There is no such thing as a well-drafted resume until you include a good list of references. Many job applicants make the mistake of submitting sloppily done references without realizing that it may also potentially ruin their chances of getting hired.  Here are some great tips on preparing your references: Advertisement 1.) Choose wisely from your

Motivated at work
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How to stay motivated at work

You feel ecstatic every time you receive your paycheck, but that’s about it. The first few months might have been different because you were all excited about the opportunity you found yourself in, but now you just can’t seem to focus on your work anymore because you find it boring, meaningless, or even frustrating. The

resume gap
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How to Go About Filling the Resume Gap

A resume gap is an extended period (or gap) of time unaccounted for on your resume.  And post Great Recession, resume gaps are a common occurrence as many people do actually go years without being gainfully employed.  But just because they are a common occurrence does not mean that they can be left unexplained.  If you have a

7 Reasons Why You Should Never Work On Weekends
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7 Reasons Why You Should Never Work on Weekends

If there’s one thing pop culture has taught us is that work is boring, and the only thing you can look forward to is the weekend. But if you wake up on Monday morning, already dreaming of Friday, you might end up missing out on both. Advertisement Your Job Can Be Fun If You Let

Get a job easier
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Why others are getting a job easier than you

A witty, hilarious joke graduates commonly hear during their ceremonial rite is, “Welcome to the world of depression and unemployment.” Like many other jokes, a percentage of it is based on truth. As a person embarks the tedious process of job seeking, he discovers a wide array of things including questioning oneself why the job was

Job interview tips

How To Answer Though Interview Questions

“Could you repeat the question?” We’re all familiar with that sinking feeling. The interview was going well, you thought every answer was exactly what they wanted to hear and then came the curveball. That tough question that you didn’t prepare for and don’t have an answer to. Advertisement Tricky opening questions are a common occurrence

Resume Writing: 9 Steps To Creating A Resume That Will Get You the Job
Resume writing tips

Resume Writing: 9 Steps To Creating A Resume That Will Get You the Job

Creating the perfect resume for a particular job you want to get can be difficult. It requires knowledge of everything that could be of importance to the job provider or firm, and you’ll need to know how to arrange all the information so it appeals to the interviewer. In most cases, people simply mention things

Looking for a job
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The main reasons why you are still looking for a job

Searching for a job can be a tedious and disheartening undertaking, and having to do it for a long period of time can be even more so. There are plenty of reasons why you may still be looking for a job right now despite submitting numerous applications and going on countless interviews. It could be

resume objective example
Resume writing tips

How to write the perfect resume objective using examples

All the good resumes have one basic thing in common; they give the applicant’s objective in the resume, even if it has already stated in the cover letter.  While they are certainly not required by any means, they usually help you out and give the recruiter some insight keen insight on why you decided to

tough interview questions
Job interview tips

How to Handle the Tough Questions During a Job Interview

Job interviews are hard to come by nowadays.  The unemployment rate remains high in most developed countries.  So when you do get a job interview, it is probably safe to assume that there are a lot of others in the interviewing pool that are just as qualified if not more so on paper.  That is

Career advice

How to get a job after 50

Life seems to be thriving with endless opportunities when you’re in your prime. Your mind’s still sharp; your body’s still fit. But for people who are going in their 50s, things just seem to slow down. Most of them have this insecurity that they’re no longer as aggressive as they used to be. For people

Resume mistakes
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Resume Mistakes and How to Fix Them

People make mistakes all the time, and they learn from it eventually. However, if the errors are found in your resume, it can cost you opportunities in landing your ideal job. There are ways of fixing the errors, but it’s important that you first know how to identify them. Absurd length Right off the bat,