Taxi Driver Resume Sample

Do you need to write your taxi driver resume and apply for a better job? Then focus on convincing the recruiter that you are the right candidate for the job. Start by listing the most relevant skills on your resume, and also your achievements that made you a great professional. Below, you’ll find a taxi driver resume example that shows what you can put in the objective, skills, duties and responsibilities sections. Use it as a reference, but adjust it based on your experience.

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Taxi Driver Resume Sample

Paul Kirkwood 

Address: 10881 Lummisville Rd., Wolcott, NY 14599
Phone :  (212) 304-7589
Email :  [email protected]
Birth date: 18.05.1980
Current job :  Taxi driver at NYCITYCAB


Experienced taxi driver looking to be employed in a reputable taxi company in Los Angeles


  1. Polite and respectful with clients
  2. Can drive in New York and Los Angeles without the need of a GPS or map.
  3. Good team-work communication
  4. Perfectionist
  5. Completely dedicated to the job
  6. Over 500.000 miles driven in New York
  7. Over 200.000 miles driven in Los Angles
  8. Professionalism


Crotona Academy High School – New York City


2015 – 2015
Taxi driver at NYCITYCAB

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Help the passenger get to the destination as fast as possible
  • Taking care of clients complaints
  • Loading and unloading passengers language
  • Drive on the fastest and shortest route available
  • Know the city perfectly without the need of a GPS
  • Filling in trip sheets with the daily schedule
  • Avoid traffic congestions and use the best alternative route
  • Maintain the car in a roadworthy condition
  • Wash and clean the car twice a week
  • Talk via radio and pick up clients from their locations

2016 – 2015
Van driver at WEDELIVERNOW, New York City

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Communicate with clients and drive to their destination as fast as possible
  • Follow a schedule, and never be late with a delivery
  • Maintain the car in a drive worthy condition
  • Collect payments from clients and give receipts
  • Find addresses using a map and a GPS


2017 – Taxi Driver of the month – NYCITYCAB

This award is given to the best taxi driver of the month, which has the most satisfied clients.


  • Baseball
  • Soccer
  • Hockey


Can be provided upon request.

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