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Tax Preparer Resume

If you want a well-paying job where you can work from home, consider becoming a Tax Preparer. You don’t need to be an Accountant or a CPA. As long as you have the necessary training, competencies, and certification you can practice as a Tax Preparer. Use the following tax preparer resume sample as a reference to create your job application.

Although you don’t need a college degree, not everyone can become a Tax Preparer. You shouldn’t submit any resume and expect to get hired. There are still qualifications you have to meet.

Tax Preparer Resume Sample

tax preparer resume Cynthia A. Jordan

Address:            45 Longwood Drive, Aiken, SC
Phone:                (803) 874 6451
Email:                [email protected]
Current job:    Professional Tax Preparer; Aguilar Accounting LLC, Aiken, SC

Objective :

Professional Tax Preparer with 6 years experience and a valid license in the state of South Carolina seeks to join the team of tax preparers at Simon, Gilles, and Thompson Accounting. I started my career as a freelancer Tax Prepare because it was the fastest way to get experience. Likewise, as a self-employed Tax Preparer, I had to manage the earnings of a business. Therefore, I have a better understanding of the value of my profession for businesses. I believe that is my advantage over other candidates whose perspective is limited to only their views.

Skills :

  • Professional Tax Preparer; licensed in the state of South Carolina
  • 6 years experience including 2 years as a freelance Tax Preparer
  • Bachelor Degree in Economics 
  • Knowledgeable in the following software programs for tax preparation – TurboTax, Liberty Tax, and Credit Karma
  • Great Mathematical skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strict attention to detail
  • Patient and dedicated
  • Adheres to deadlines and timetables

Work Experience

Tax Preparer; 2016 to Present
Aguilar Accounting LLC; Aiken, SC


  • Conducts research, reviews, and prepares 40 Federal Estate Tax Returns Form 706, all related state estate or Inheritance Tax Returns, if applicable, plus IRS Form 8971.
  • Prepares 250 Federal and state fiduciary income tax returns in strict compliance with current tax laws.
  • Assists the firm in tax planning which includes research and the preparation of specific reports.
  • Closely works and consults with the firm’s real estate lawyers, accountants, and relevant professionals.
  • Tasked to liaison with Federal and state tax authorities, representatives, and auditors.

Tax Preparer, 2014 to 2016
Southern Trust Group; Aiken, SC


  • Prepared beginning and medium level tax returns.
  • Summarized basic client information needed to complete work papers.
  • Analyzed and tested the accuracy and reasonableness of work completed and data presented.
  • Upon clearance by the firm, communicated directly with the client to clarify information needed for accurate tax reporting.
  • Entered and updated client data unto the company’s proprietary tax preparer software program.

Tax Preparer, 2012 to 2014
CynTax LLC; Aiken, SC


  • CynTax LLC is a privately owned business that I founded to represent my services as a Professional Tax Preparer.
  • Conducted marketing, promotional, and networking activities for the purpose of landing clients.
  • CynTax handled a total of 40 clients that needed tax preparation and accounting services such as managing accounts receivables, payroll, benefits administration, and bookkeeping.
  • Prepared business and personal tax returns of clients.
  • Directly addressed questions from tax authorities.
  • Managed and updated client information using TurboTax.


Bachelor Degree – Accounting
Aiken Technical College
Aiken, SC
2005 to 2009

High School
Aiken High School
Aiken, SC
2001 to 2005


  • Licensed by the State of South Carolina as a Professional Tax Preparer on 2011.

Tax Preparer Skills List

Most important resume skills for Tax Preparer job positions include having knowledge in accounting and tax preparation. However, there are requirements you have to meet before you can even look for work.

  • Education. Getting a college diploma is a big plus. It is not required but companies will always give it premium value. Yes, a high school diploma may suffice. You just have to take the required courses for certification. A degree in Accounting or a business subject will carry more weight.
  • Certification. If you don’t have an understanding of tax preparation but you are interested in this career, take certification courses.There are schools that offer tax training. You will learn about tax filing, relevant tax laws, taxpayer interviews, and tax calculations.

    You may also consider courses offered by ACAT. ACAT stands for Accreditation Council for Accountancy and Taxation.

  • Additional Training. Don’t stop at the basics! If you want to get ahead in this career, take up other tax-related courses. These courses include Estate Tax Planning and Capital Gains Taxation. By adding to your knowledge of tax preparation, you improve your overall value to the employer.
  • Get a PTIN. PTIN means Preparer Tax Identification Number. Getting a PTIN is a requirement for all states. It is also a prerequisite for state licensing.You will be asked to disclose personal information. The state will also ask for a copy of your latest ITR. There will also be a processing fee that has to be paid.

    Once you have your PTIN, find out the licensing requirements of your state by Googling “tax preparer registration (name of state)”.

  • Critical Thinking Skills. Does the company qualify for exemptions? How will you classify certain types of losses? Companies want candidates with good critical thinking skills.This allows you to utilize sound judgment when pursuing a course of action that will not compromise the situation of the client while strictly adhering to the state’s tax laws.

Tax Preparer Resume Objective

We took a different approach to the resume objective in our sample. Instead of the usual 3-4 sentences that summarize the applicant’s qualifications, we gave it a more personalized touch.

A Tax Preparer only needs to be certified and licensed in order to practice in the state. Of course, experience counts. However, the responsibilities of a Tax Preparer are the same from one job to the next. Very little differentiates one job from another.

Our objective statement is written like a story. The applicant, Cynthia, ran her own tax preparation business. This is a path commonly taken by other tax preparers. We decided to use it as a way to pinpoint her advantage:

“Likewise, as a self-employed Tax Preparer, I had to manage the earnings of a business. Therefore, I have a better understanding of the value of my profession for businesses. I believe that is my advantage over other candidates whose perspective is limited to only their views.”

At the same time, the tone of the objective statement will give the recruiter an idea of who Cynthia is.

Use the objective as your voice on the resume. Think of it as an introduction to your interview. A well-written one will surely catch the attention of the recruiter.

Tax Preparer Resume Format

The chronological resume format is a good choice for your resume. It is easy to read and organizes data very clearly. No wonder recruiters prefer it over other formats!

The chronological is applied to “Work Experience”, “Education”, and “Certifications”. All you have to do is start with your latest experience. Pick out at least 5 responsibilities.

Make sure your choices are relevant to the needs of the employer. Better still, include achievements. These should be validated by numbers. From there, work your way back.

Here’s one way to structure the resume”:

  • Contact Information – Include PTIN
  • Objective Statement
  • Skills
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Certifications
  • Personal Information

Entry Level Tax Preparer Resume

Although experience is important in this job, you can still find employment.

Here are a few tips you can consider if you are just starting out:

  • Apply to Accounting firms; they are always looking for Tax Preparers.
  • Apply to job posts that specify either “Entry Level” or “No Experience Needed”.
  • If the job market is tight, consider becoming a freelancer. There are many online job sites you can use. These online job sites will match your skills with the right client.

Tax Preparer Resume Writing Tips

Do not be in a hurry when preparing your job applications. Always look out for mistakes. Just like when filing a tax return, mistakes can be costly. Here are some final tips to help you get the job:

  • Use Numbers Whenever Necessary – Tax preparation is a branch of accounting. Accounting is a discipline that runs on numbers. Whenever possible, use numbers in your resume. In our example of a resume for a Tax Preparer, we used numbers to describe Cynthia’s responsibilities. The use of numbers implies precision, accuracy, and definitiveness.
  • No Spelling and Grammar Errors – Spelling and grammar errors are red flags. They tell the employer you are careless and irresponsible. These are bad attributes that should not be identified with a Tax Preparer.

As a Tax Preparer, you should be strict with your resume. Use the same approach as you would with a client. Don’t worry.

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