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Covid-19 Impact For Job Seekers In The United States – 2020 Survey Results

A ResumeOK survey reveals the impact that the Covid-19 crisis has had for job seekers in the United States of America.  Between July 1st and August 5th, we asked 2,891 job seekers located in the United States how they think the epidemic crisis will impact their career.  These are the most interesting findings: 1. 55.4%


How To Explain Maternity Leave On A Resume

Women are often conflicted on whether to disclose a Maternity Leave on their resume. This is because it can leave a significant unemployment gap in their “Work Experience” section. It is not uncommon for resumes to have gaps. However, if the period on unemployment is more than 3 months, it can raise a red flag

10 Best Ways To Resign With Professionalism

10 Best Ways To Resign With Professionalism – Infographic

Resignation is significant because it marks a turning point in your career. Whatever the circumstances were which led to this decision will change your life over the next 15-30 days. Thus, resignation is never easy. Regardless, you must always make it a point to end your tenure with dignity, honor and utmost professionalism. Here’s an

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9 Resume Mistakes that Might Cost Your Job

One of the most important steps of the job seeking process is creating a resume. Unfortunately, many people make critical mistakes on their resumes that automatically disqualify them with employers. Thankfully, if you know how to properly draft a resume, you can avoid this. Below are nine common resume mistakes you need to avoid. 1. Grammar and