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Material Mover Resume Sample

Material mover resume examples

Ryan Wells 

Address:              24 Franklin Ave, Ridgewood, NJ
Phone:                   (201)-493-2023
Email:                     [email protected]
Current job:        Material Mover at Global Movers, Inc.


To obtain employment as a full-time Material Mover at one of the country’s leading corporations in the field and to work in an environment that will support and challenge me to be ultimately better at my craft.


  1. Solid and extensive knowledge of raw materials, production processes, and    distribution of goods
  2. Exceptional ability to install equipment and machines to meet desired specifications
  3. Remarkable ability to determine the kind of tools and equipment needed to do a certain job
  4. Extremely high level of physical wellness with great ability to bend, stretch, twist, and reach with the body, arms, and legs
  5. Uniquely outstanding ability to exert maximum muscle force to lift, push, pull, and carry objects
  6. Superb ability to listen to and understand information presented verbally
  7. Excellent ability to read and comprehend ideas presented in written form
  8. Remarkably talented, highly motivated, and very energetic Material Mover
  9. Possess vast experience in loading, unloading, and moving materials at a wide variety of work sites manually, and in implementing other unskilled general tasks and duties
  10. Strong leadership skills, with a remarkable talent for handling and resolving conflicts within the team


Material Mover, 2006 – Present
Global Movers, Inc., Ridgewood, NJ


  • Perform the loading and unloading of objects to and from specific storage areas, such as racks and shelves, or vehicles
  • Responsible for stacking and piling a wide range of materials, which may include lumber and pallets
  • Bundle various objects together, like fodder and tobacco leaves, using banding machines
  • Organize and put away objects according to company specifications and management directions
  • Responsible for assembling product crates and containers, through the use of hand tools and precut lumber
  • Use daily production sheet or work tickets to accurately maintain records of the number of units handled and moved for the day
  • Label containers and mark information on them as dictated by company regulations

Material Mover, 2004 – 2006
AV Movers, Inc., New York, NY 

  • Maintained the cleanliness of work area with the use of various cleaning equipment like brooms and cleaning substances
  • Ensured the safety of the items being moved through the installation of protective devices, among which are padding and bracing
  • Determined specific duties for the day by reading work orders and listening attentively to verbal orders
  • Received loads with maximum effectiveness by directing spouts and positioning receptacles appropriately
  • Used a variety of ways (hand, dollies, wheelbarrows) to move receptacles to and from appropriate locations

Material Mover, 2003 – 2004
NYC Enterprises, New York, NY


  • Organized and put away objects according to company specifications and management directions
  • Labeled containers and marked information on them as dictated by company regulations
  • Used weekly production sheet or work tickets to accurately maintain records of the number of units handled and moved for the week
  • Used hand tools and precut lumber to properly assemble product containers
  • Moved items from vehicles to store shelves, and vice versa
  • Piled and stored various materials and items


Bronx Haven High School, New York, NY
High School Diploma
1999 – 2003, 3.2 GPA


  1. Manual Materials Handling
  2. Materials Handling and Storage
  3. Logistics Management

Personal information

  • Married, with one child
  • DOB: 8/5/1985
  • Hobbies include playing with erector sets, playing pool, and watching football

Advice for Your Material Movers Job Interview

  material mover job interview

The interview is an unavoidable part of any job application process; you will have to weather it through before you can reach cloud nine and get the job you want. Here are some tips to get you through the rough patches ahead:

Whip Up a Wonderful Material Mover resume

The first task you will have to accomplish is to create your very own personalized curriculum vitae from material mover resume examples found on this site. You won’t want to create an exact duplicate of the template, since you will only have produced another of the hundreds of generic and ordinary resumes that recruiters get at any given time. A tailored and highly targeted resume will definitely afford you a better chance of getting the interview and being one step closer to landing the job. Take extra care with grammar, spelling, and formatting; these are the aspects that most candidates commit mistakes on. Lastly, remember to stash extra copies of your resume into your bag on the day of the interview. Not everyone will have copies of the document, and you might be asked to produce more.

Keep Those Smart Responses Coming

There is no exact formula to solve the mystery of interview success. The nature of the questions can vary from the predictable to out of this world. Even the very personalities and styles of the interviewers can affect the outcome of your session. Yet, there is one strategy that most applicants find as extremely effective – practicing your answers. You will find that rehearsing your responses improves your ability to deliver them smoothly. Here are some sample questions you can work with:

  • What do you like about the job?  What don’t you like about the job?
  • What makes you the ideal candidate for the job?
  • In times of conflict, do you dive into the confrontation or do you avoid the entire discussion?
  • Is your job important?  Why?
  • Describe the strategies or steps you take to maintain your physical health.
  • Can you visualize yourself working in the same position at this company in the years to come?
  • Are you open to the idea of undergoing continuing education to advance your career?

You can also ask some questions at the end of the interview.  Here are some questions you can ask:

  • Does the company offer support to employees who want to go to school to advance their careers?
  • Is the company open to employee suggestions?
  • What is the typical work schedule like? 

Keep an Eye on the Clock

Nothing annoys an interviewer more than having his time wasted by your late arrival. Remember, you are applying for the job, not the other way around. Hence, you should be more considerate of the company’s time and resources. Days before your interview, map out the best route to the office. Plan for your means of travel and time of departure, and allow for unforeseen delays due to congested roads or traffic mishaps. Arriving earlier than the set interview time will provide you ample opportunity to fix your appearance and perform whatever relaxation technique you can think of to settle the butterflies in your stomach.

Watch What You’re Wearing

If you’ve heard that looks don’t matter, throw that idea out the door right now. Looks may not be everything, but they certainly help you make a wonderful first impression. Throw on a nice dress shirt over neatly pressed slacks, or a nice blouse over a presentable skirt for the ladies, and you will have already improved your odds. Complete your professional image with a polite and courteous manner, and you are now set to nail that interview!

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