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In this modern day and age, the field of Information Technology and Communications (IT&C) proves to be one of the most prolific industries in the world. From social networking – to sophisticated arithmetic equations – high-tech computers and their operators are undoubtedly in high demand. With more and more job openings for such professionals, it is important that you make your IT&C resumes one of the best in the market. Be able to do so by following these simple tips:

Size Matters

While you might have been working in the technological industry for over a decade, avoid the costly mistake of elaborating everything you have done – as you might reach a terrible four pages (even more.) Employers have short attention spans, and they need to see what they want in first look. If you can trim down your years of experience in one or two pages, your IT&C resume will have better chances of being read (even considered for the final pooling.)

Go Technical

Most of the time, companies are looking for candidates who are knowledgeable of certain programs and platforms. Instead of stating “Proficient with web design,” why not revise it to “Proficient with HTML, CSS and Java.” These might just be the keywords that the employer is looking for.

Add your Accomplishments

Your functions in your previous jobs are important, but instead of stating just that, include the outcomes of the projects you have done for past companies. Not only will this give the reader a bird’s eye view of what you did before, it can also give them an idea of what you are capable of doing in general.

If you Have it, Flaunt it

If you went to a good school – or if you are certified in many applications, then make sure to highlight them in your resume. In fact, they should be placed near the top of your IT&C resume. Do not go overboard though, as placing too many factors can render the reader dizzy.

Use Better Action Words

Verbs – or action words – are better to use in an IT&C resume example. Fight the urge of using words such as “participated” or “responsible for.” Instead, utilize better verbs such as “administered,” “managed,” “completed” or “developed.” There are many thesaurus websites available; make use of them!

Be Detail-Oriented

As an IT&C professional, you might be in charge of searching for the little bug that has shut down the entire West Coast connection. It is your work to be detail-oriented, and the best way you can show this is to proofread and check your resume twice – even thrice. A small error in your IT&C resume might mean the difference between getting hired and getting bypassed.

Create Different Versions

There are many readers used in the industry today – so make sure to create an IT&C resume example in many formats. For best results, draft your resume in plain text (.txt or .rtf), MS Word (.doc) and in a PDF file.

Competition is strict in the IT&C industry, so it is important that you put your best foot forward – especially during the application process. Show the employer why you are the best fit for the job by submitting a well-made IT&C resume example.

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