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Interior Designer Resume Sample

Trying to get a better job and still haven’t found some good interior designer resume examples? Take a few minutes to review the one we have listed below. You can download and edit our resume sample according to your experience and strengths. We recommend you to read the tips and advice for three job interview we have written at the bottom of the page.

Interior Designer Resume Sample

Interiror designer resume examples

Fiona Marie Wright

Address:               800 21st St. NW, Columbus, OH 20052
Phone:                    (202) 994-9312
Email:                      [email protected]
Current job:          Interior Designer at Design Group Interiors, Columbus, OH


To design homes, offices, and restaurants for customers who want to improve the aesthetic quality of their spaces and to work for an interior design firm that can provide me with projects that yield the most lucrative returns and wherein I can showcase my skills and expertise.


  1. Expertise in creating aesthetic yet functional spaces for homes, offices, restaurants, boutiques, etc.
  2. Expertise in sketching preliminary design blueprints
  3. Skill in ensuring that the project meets the client’s budget and timeframe
  4. Adeptness in installing design installations
  5. Proficiency in using computer applications for Interior Design
  6. Creativity and impressive artistic ability
  7. Superb visualization skills
  8. Attention to detail
  9. Good supervisory skills
  10. Excellent communication skills


Interior Designer, 2010-present
Design Group Interiors, Columbus, OH


  • Consults with clients and considered their interior design preferences in the project
  • Creates interior design sketches as per the customer’s requests and requirements
  • Suggests additions or modifications for certain projects as needed
  • Supervises interior design projects to ensure that the client needs are met
  • Utilizes computer applications for initial and final designs
  • Installs design elements as required

Interior Designer, 2008-2010
Sandy Shadwick Interiors, Columbus, OH


  • Met with clients and designed interiors in accordance with the client’s requirements
  • Considered the over-all space of the area in the designing process
  • Created initial interior design blueprints and presented them to clients for approval
  • Oversaw the designing projects from start to finish
  • Ensured that the planned design is met with the consideration of the client’s budget and deadlines
  • Used computer applications in creating blueprints and designs for clients
  • Purchased design elements for the project

Interior Designer, 2006-2008
Sullivan Interiors, Columbus, OH


  • Created space designs according to client request and design aesthetics
  • Assisted senior Interior Designers in supervising projects from beginning to end
  • Installed design elements as needed
  • Hired the laborers needed for the project
  • Purchased the necessary design elements for the project
  • Ensured that the project equipment and laborer cost meet the client’s budget
  • Ensured that the project is completed ahead of time, or on time


College, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
Bachelors of Science in Interior Design, Minor in Universal Design
2002-2006, 3.4 GPA
Vice-President, Ohio State University Interior Design Students Association

Fairfield High School, Fairfield, OH
High School Diploma
1998-2002, 3.1 GPA
President, Fairfield High Art Club


  1. Introduction to Interior Design
  2. Trends in Interior Design
  3. Residential Design
  4. Restaurant Interior Design
  5. Commercial Interior Design
  6. Universal Interior Design
  7. Business of Interior Design
  8. Interior Architecture
  9. Visual Techniques
  10. Graphics
  11. Color Theory
  12. Color Rendering
  13. Interior Perspectives
  14. Advanced CADD
  15. Professional Ethics

Personal information

  • Civil Status: Married with one daughter
  • Date of Birth: 1/20/1980
  • Interests include drawing, reading design magazines and listening to Bossa Nova music

Advice for Your Interior Designer Job Interview

interior designer job interview

Apart from having an eye for design, what employers typically look for in an applicant—that can make them draw a conclusion that such person is the perfect fit for the job—is one’s ability to justify his experience and skills. Prepare a well-written interior designer resume, and you are a step closer to success. And that is not it: read on to learn a few more tips on how to further convince your prospective employer/s.

Orient Yourself with the Essentials

Some interior designers are so engrossed with the newest trends in styling that they tend to forget about the fundamentals of Interior Design. If you want to be hired by a good design company, you need to make sure that you are well-versed in the basics of styling.

Be Well-Informed

If you want to be a part of a high-caliber interior design company, you need to conduct an in-depth research of its history, design principles, and projects. This will soon come in handy for your interview as most employers ask why you chose their firm over others.

Dress like a Consummate Professional

Apart from the projects you have completed as written on your Interior Designer CV, you need to show your prospective employer that you are the perfect candidate for the position. The best way to do so is to show up at the interview all dressed up like a respectable professional.

Get Ready for the Questions

While waiting for your interview, the best way to prepare for what might lie ahead is to get ready for the questions that might be thrown at you. Here are some sample questions to help you out:

  • Why did you want to become an Interior Designer?
  • What makes you a good addition to our design firm?
  • Name some of the world’s renowned interior designers that you look up to. What do you like most about them?
  • What can you do in order to make a 50 sq.ft.-space look bigger?
  • What adjustments can you make in order to comply with the client’s proposed budget?
  • How do you keep abreast with the newest trends in interior design?
  • In the advent of green design, how can you promote the use of sustainable items in all of your projects? 

Hold off Questions about Salaries or Compensations till You Get the Offer

Even if you have been one of the lucky few who was interviewed by the employer, it does not mean that you already have the job. So even if it is tempting, avoid asking salary questions – unless you know that you are already hired.  Without asking about salary, here are some other interesting questions you can ask to show your interest during an interview:

  • How much free reign do designers at this firm have in terms of their own projects?
  • How big is each department?  How about the whole office?
  • How is this company organized?
  • Who are the company’s biggest clients?

Show Gratitude, Regardless of the Outcome 

Whether you are employed or not, do not forget to say thank you for the time the employer has given you.


Making a follow-up on your application is important to determine if you got the job. The hiring process can range from one to two weeks, so do not fret if the employer has not called you after a few days.

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Besides the resumes listed above, we recommend going through the following resume writing and job seeking tips:

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