How to Become a Published Author for your Real Estate or Construction Career

The publishing industry is very competitive with thousands of manuscripts being submitted to editors, not everyone gets to be published. The road for a budding author may be challenging but it’s not insurmountable. If you’re planning to write on a niche subject such as real estate or construction, there’s a lot of potential for your book. There may be a lot of books on the subject but not everything out there can be categorized as a good resource material. Depending on your content or expertise, you can make it big. Here are some tips on how you can become a published author.

Write it and distribute it

Gather all your knowledge about real estate and construction and write them all down. Find a good editor who will help you with your outline and other manuscript revisions. Since real estate is an ever-changing industry. You need to be updated with the latest trends about it. After finishing your manuscript, look for agents who can potentially publish your work. Feel free to distribute and send out your finished work to as many agents as you can.

Start with small publishers

There are many small publishers who carry a good line of books. Some are very niche and are looking for specific material for their publishing line. You might end up being published. Small publishers are not concerned with main stream material so if your book is on a specialized area of real estate or construction and there’s a growing demand for it then you have a good chance of getting published.

Try publishing on demand

This is another option you can consider if there’s still no word from the small publishers you’ve submitted your manuscript to.  Publish on demand (POD) publishers will probably charge you for publishing your book and you might have to market it yourself. Bookstores are not that keen on selling POD books so you have to work extra hard in marketing your books.

Go electronic

Another way to get publish is by releasing your book first through an e-book format. This is easier to distribute because it’s digital content. Payment is done online and so it’s easily remitted to your publisher or to you directly. Competition is stiff in the e-book arena as tons of e-books are being created daily. At the end of the day, if you market your book well and if you have a great manuscript then you can be successful in your e-book.

Being a published author takes a lot of hard work and patience. You have to believe in yourself, hone your writing skills, and be knowledgeable about the topic you want to write about. Don’t be afraid to be edited by a more experienced writer. Every step into getting published is a learning process. The process may be long but when you finally hold your published book in your hand, the fulfilment makes all the rejections and revisions worth the wait.

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