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Congratulations, your hard work in college has finally paid off! You now have the chance to practice your skills as an engineer and manufacturing professional.

Do note though that the first step to getting your dream job is drafting a striking curriculum vitae. So if you want to take hold of a great employment opportunity, then make sure to follow these tips on how to write an impressive engineering and manufacturing resume:

Do Some Research

Before you get started with your resume, make sure to do some research about the company you are applying for. Perusing through its goals, mission and vision can give you an idea of what kind of employee the company is looking for.

Go Straight to the Point

Your objective should be precise and concise. Avoid using elaborate sentences as employers might find this too bothersome. While your objective should be short and sweet, it should be comprehensive.

A good objective for your engineering and manufacturing resume example is this: “To acquire an entry-level engineering position that will give me an opportunity to practice my skills, learn new techniques and grow as a professional.”

Use Bullet Points

For sections such as “Experience,” “Skills and Certifications” and “Related Activities and Interests,” make use of bullet points. In case there are a lot of things that you want to include in your engineering and manufacturing resume template, bullet points can help make it readable – not boring or uninteresting.

Highlight your Experiences

If you have prior experience in the engineering or manufacturing industry, then make sure to highlight these in the “Experience” section.

If you do not have prior involvement, or if you are gunning for an entry-level position, include your internship programs and voluntary works. If you have ‘freelance’ or ‘do-it-yourself’ projects, you can include them in the resume as well.

Most importantly, make use of specific points and highlights, ones that the employer might be looking for in a potential hire.

Showcase your Skills

Unless the company looks for an employee with a certain set of skills, do not forget to include all the technical skills that you are capable of. Indicate the machinery and equipment that you can operate with expertise. Certifications are important too, and stating these can improve your chances of being hired.

State Related Activities and Interests

You might not know it, but your previous activities and interests might be of value to your engineering and manufacturing resume. You might not be excellent at work or at school, but these activities can give you that fighting chance.

Here are some strengths that should be included in your curriculum vitae:

  • Scholarships
  • Scholastic Honors and Awards
  • Study Abroad Programs
  • Leadership Activities
  • Community Participation and Involvement
  • Leadership Activities
  • Language Proficiencies

Proofread your Paper

Perhaps the most important tip to remember is to proofread your engineering and manufacturing resume before you submit it to the employer. Lapses and errors will make the HR officer think that you are too sloppy for the job.

Your talent and skills are important, and it is equally vital to represent all of these in your engineering and manufacturing resume. Just make sure to follow these tips to score a chance with your dream job.

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