Travel Nurse Resume Sample

Heal the sick while seeing the world! Is there such a job? If you are a Travel Nurse you get to choose the place of your assignment. The job is a big shift from being in the same hospital or clinic for 365 days. If you’re a Registered Nurse with at least 1-year experience, here’s […]

Emergency Room Nurse Resume Sample

Are you preparing an Emergency Room Nurse resume? This isn’t your ordinary nursing job. At any time during the day, or night, you could be treating a wide range of ailments and injuries. You could be attending to an infant at one moment. And within a few minutes, you could be working on an elderly […]

Medical Coding Specialist Resume Sample

If you don’t mind working long hours behind a computer, a career as a Medical Coding Specialist can be yours. Your Medical Coding Specialist resume should show you have the right skills. It’s not just the hard skills that count. Companies will see if you have the right soft skills for the job. Soft skills […]