Solution Architect Resume Sample

A Solution Architect functions much like a building Architect. However, instead of putting together construction materials to build structures, a Solution Architect puts together information and computer systems, software and hardware to build programs that suit the client’s needs. You will need a good Solutions Architect resume to land this high-paying job. According to the […]

UI Developer Resume Sample

Are you reading this from your smartphone? You have the UI Developer to thank for. UI stands for User Interface. The UI Developer makes it easy for you to use software and hardware. It’s not enough to just have the right IT skills. Companies are looking for other qualities in a UI Developer resume. The […]

Technical Support Resume Sample

With computers becoming the way of life, Technical Support has become a godsend. Not everyone who owns a computer is tech-savvy. Many are still tech-challenged. Technical Support makes it possible for anyone to understand computers. This can be the start of a career path in the field of I.T. How does your Technical Support resume […]