Theatre Resume Sample

Are you enthralled by the raucous applause of the matinee crowd? Do the hot and bright lights of the stage get you excited? Does backstage frenetic activity get your adrenalin flowing? Then maybe the theatre life is for you. First things first. You must make sure your Theatre resume will elicit a favorable reaction from […]

Animator Resume Sample

Animators are able to bend and shape technology to create unbelievable graphics. They create special effects, smooth-moving characters on video games and movies. If you want an outlet for your creativity that has no boundaries, let’s prepare your Animator resume. To get the job, give your resume more thought and purpose. It has to resonate […]

Illustrator Resume Sample

Do you doodle all the time? Do you need creative expression? Are you good with graphics? You should become an Illustrator! It’s not just being good with a pencil. You have to know how to work illustration software. Is your Illustrator resume creative as well? We’ve drawn up a great Illustrator resume sample for you […]