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Customer service representative resume

Download and edit according to your experience our customer service representative resume examples. Bellow you will find the CV sample and also some tips and advice for the job interview.

After reading this article you should be able to:

  • Write a professional CV for you
  • Know how to approach the job interview
  • Know how to answer the questions your employer might ask

Customer Service Representative Resume Example

Customer service representative resume examples

Mila Krauss 

Address:                 4529 University Way Northeast, Seattle, WA
Phone:                      (206) 726-1751
Current job:          Customer Service Representative at Comcast


To obtain employment as a Customer Service Representative at one of the largest cable, internet, and phone service providers in the state of Washington and to seek a challenging position in a type of working environment conducive to my professional growth.


  1. Solid foundation on customer care and relations, with vast experience in the field
  2. Excellent talent for using strategies to deescalate irate clients
  3. Strong interpersonal skills, with the ability to relate and empathize with people of varying personalities and from all walks of life
  4. Fluency in the English and Spanish languages, with excellent communication skills both in verbal and oral communication
  5. Proficiency in numerous computer applications and software, including MS Word, Power Point, Excel, and several others
  6. Highly motivated and driven to achieve set goals and targets
  7. Ability to maintain a calm and composed manner when dealing with potentially explosive client situations
  8. Superb ability to multitask, able to handle multiple duties and responsibilities without sacrificing quality of work
  9. Possess a fun and vibrant personality that customers find refreshing and appealing
  10. Excellent leadership skills, with a unique talent for handling and resolving conflicts within the team
  11. Great team player and excellent independent worker


Customer Service Representative, 2009 – Present
Comcast, Seattle, WA


  • Diffuse and resolve various volatile customer situations while maintaining the balance between the interests of the company and customer satisfaction
  • Make service changes, recommend service options, and schedule installations for phone, television cable, and internet lines
  • Provide detailed and accurate accounts of customer calls for prevention of future audit issues
  • Resolve an average of 250 inquiries in any given week, dealing with all types of inquiries including billing issues, installation schedules, product information queries, and numerous other matters
  • Meet performance targets in all areas such as speed, accuracy, volume, customer satisfaction, and issue resolution
  • Upsell company products and services to customers and meet target sale conversions
  • Route technical queries to designated channels for proper resolution of service and equipment issues

Customer Service Representative, 2008 – 2009
Aphrodite Sportswear, Seattle, WA


  • Generated additional revenues utilizing thorough product knowledge and friendly sales techniques to up-sell product specials and complementary items
  • Exceeded customer expectations by locating hard to find items, and recommending alternative options for out of stock pieces
  • Consistently met and exceeded set productivity targets
  • Streamlined the product information search process by creating a detailed product intranet site, reducing the average representative call time by 60 seconds
  • Assisted as interim call center supervisor, monitored call center representative phone calls and provided necessary performance feedback
  • Designed, developed, and launched successful employee recognition program whereby the top performers are given due recognition and awards
  • Provided training to new customer service representatives and mentored them during their first few months

Customer Service Representative and Cashier, 2007 – 2008
LMP Enterprises, Seattle, WA


  • Performed various customer service duties
  • Responsible for accurate counting and balancing of cashier drawers
  • Maintained weekly spreadsheet for forwarding to the Accounting Department
  • Answered multiple line phone system and assisted callers or routed calls to appropriate department


Ballard High School, Seattle, WA
High School Diploma
2002 – 2006, 3.5 GPA


  • Customer Service Skills Training
  • Spanish Grammar and Composition
  • Call Center Service Operations
  • Complaint Handling/Dispute Resolution
  • Sales Lead Generation

Personal information

  • Civil Status: Married, with two children
  • Date of Birth: 2/10/1988
  • Interests: reading Spanish novels, watching investigative shows, playing with the kids

Advice for Your Customer Service Representative Job Interview

 customer service representative job interview

With the number of people desperately scouring for jobs and the relatively less number of opportunities available, it comes as no surprise that the world has turned into a dog-eat-dog world. Don’t want to be the dog that gets eaten? Here are a few tips for your job interview:

Keep Your Customer Service Representative CV Up-to-Date

So, you have decided to call it quits with your present company and seek greener pastures. It is now time to whip out your trusted Customer Service resume templates, and begin adding the latest updates to your work experience, training, and qualifications. Keep in mind that your resume should not only be freshly updated, it should also be written to target the specific requirements of the position you are applying for. For instance, if the position requires someone who can speak a foreign language, you could include in your resume the title of the foreign language course you took recently. You could also emphasize your ability to communicate well in that language in the key strengths portion of the document. This is just an example of how you can sell yourself through your resume by targeting the position’s job descriptions.

Study the Company and Its Profile

When did company operations start? Who founded the establishment? What services and/or products does it offer? How has it grown over the years? What milestones has it achieved since its birth? What are the names of competing establishments? What are the latest trends in the sector? These are just some of the things you need to know about before even daring to show up at the interview. Being knowledgeable about these things reflects your interest in the job and passion for knowing all you can about your future employer. You simply can’t go wrong with doing the research!

Avoid the Mistake of Not Practicing

Some candidates show up at interviews without having made the tiniest effort to think about the interview questions and practicing their responses. Is it any wonder that these candidates tend to slip up, stutter, or give dull answers during the interview? Try to avoid the same destiny by brainstorming ahead of time and practicing your answers to these common questions:

  • How would you describe a paragon of good customer service?
  • How do you maintain your composure when a customer shouts and curses at you over something you had no control over?
  • Describe the strategies you adopt to convince clients that they need the products or services you are upselling.
  • What can you do to uphold the company’s best interests while keeping the customer satisfied?
  • How can you encourage your colleagues to achieve their target metrics while maintaining your top spot in the ranks?

Develop a List of Your Own Questions

Interviewers, whether out of habit, courtesy, or in compliance with standard interview procedures, give applicants a chance to raise their own queries. Instead of asking about pay or compensation packages, you can focus on business-related questions like the following:

  • How often are metrics and employee performance evaluated?
  • Will the company provide training and education on products to fully equip employees with all they need for optimum job performance?
  • How does the management approach and deal with employee concerns?

Create a Professional Image

It is never too soon to create and maintain a professional image. You can start with wearing the right clothes, especially on the day of the interview. Select the pieces in your closet that will be in keeping with the image you are trying to project. Business suits, skirts, dress shirts, blouses, and slacks should be good enough.

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